Our assembly expertise is unrivaled in terms of cost, quality and timely delivery. Our processes incorporate careful hand assembly with the use of automated and semi-automated equipment where applicable.

Gift Sets/Assortments/Kits and more... 
Since 1995, CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION experienced personnel has produced millions of gift sets in dozens of varieties each year including, but not limited to, gift baskets, bags, ornamental containers, display packs, travel/medical/convenience kits, etc. Our project development personnel will work with you to recommend improvements or changes that will reduce packaging costs and/or enhance the artistic appearance and appeal of your product.
We understand how important it is to your marketing efforts that your products reach your customers in perfect condition. CPC can help you design the type of assembly and shipping materials needed for even the most delicate or oddly shaped products. In conjunction with its continuous quality assurance program, CPC can help ensure that your products have minimum loss factors at the retail level.

Counter/Floor/Warehouse POS Displays 
For most promotions or display pack-outs the availability of skilled assembly personnel is a key requirement. By its nature, most of the assembly processes vary from job to job, placing emphasis on short efficient set-up times and reduced training curves. CPC's flexible, experienced work force has completed thousands of different types of promotional pack-outs and has the resources to complete the job within the required time frame. Our Industrial Engineers figure out the most efficient labor balances to minimize cost and maximize output. 
Everything from counter displays and floor stands to full pallet warehouse and supermarket display pack-outs have been assembled regularly for some of the biggest names in the business.

Do you have a special project that requires repackaging to different configurations or converting single sale units to club sale packages? Do you need to add, remove or modify existing finished goods to suit a particular customer? Once again, our skilled workforce is prepared to provide you with a quick and convenient turnaround that will minimize your costs and enable you to keep delivery commitments.








Service 01


Our blending facility consists of multiple blending and storage tanks in a variety of sizes.

Service 02


We have the capability to fill from 1 oz. to 1 gallon with a wide variety of filling equipment.

Service 03


CPC can provide multiple shrink-wrap and/or shrink-band lines to service your application.

Service 04


When it comes to shipping and receiving, CPC has every need covered.