Shipping & Receiving

When it comes to shipping and receiving, CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION has every need covered. We bar code every shipment coming in -and going out. In addition, we're well equipped for any size job with 22 shipping and receiving docks. We're readily accessible to Chicago metro-area distribution centers with a convenient location on the south side of Chicago, near the intersection of Interstate 94 and 57, as well as nearby Interstate 294 and main rail lines. And with over 200,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing and warehousing space, we can accommodate even the most unique of distribution needs.

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Service 01


Our blending facility consists of multiple blending and storage tanks in a variety of sizes.

Service 02


We have the capability to fill from 1 oz. to 1 gallon with a wide variety of filling equipment.

Service 03


CPC can provide multiple shrink-wrap and/or shrink-band lines to service your application.

Service 04


When it comes to shipping and receiving, CPC has every need covered.