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All of our investments - time, expertise, people, equipment - have many returns, but the most important is your success and satisfaction. We believe any partnership benefits from investments on both sides.

CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION has invested in a fully regulated and equipped in-house fully staffed laboratory with a range of physical and analytical testing capabilities also microbiological testing laboratory and is registered and approved by the FDA, ATF and EPA. It's staffed with degreed and certified microbiologists and chemists who maintain their certification by consistently participating in on-and off-site training. As requested, our in-house lab team often partners with clients as an integral part of new product development. We can suggest ingredient improvements that not only improve the product but can streamline its speed to market.

CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION uses industry accepted operating procedures that can validate and enhance the quality of each product. In fact, we test and validate the raw materials coming into our plant, the finished and blended product itself, and the packaged good as filled, ensuring that the quality you demand is met or exceeded. In addition, we have a bar coding system that tracks all materials from raw to finished, resulting in pinpoint tracking and quality control.

We are able to blend batches up to 80,000 pounds. In addition, our on-site resources include explosion-proof blending and filling as well as certified enzyme blending, filling, and monitoring. This gives us the ability to blend and fill non-aerosol and enzyme based products such as non-aerosol hairspray, general purpose cleaners, stain removers, odor eliminators, carpet and upholstery cleaner, and degreasers

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Service 01


Our blending facility consists of multiple blending and storage tanks in a variety of sizes.

Service 02


We have the capability to fill from 1 oz. to 1 gallon with a wide variety of filling equipment.

Service 03


CPC can provide multiple shrink-wrap and/or shrink-band lines to service your application.

Service 04


When it comes to shipping and receiving, CPC has every need covered.