Who We Are

CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including personal care, household, health and beauty and automotive. Filling such products as shampoo, non-aerosol hairspray, liquid soap, lotions, conditioners, relaxers, general purpose cleaning products, and a variety of automotive products.

As a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction, CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION provides our customers the best combination of quality, service, and value. We are proud of our ongoing commitment to and investment towards excellence. CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION offers an in-house state-of-the-art quality lab and micro-lab, and new ERP system. Manufacturing enhancements include state of the art blending, homogenization, and enzyme capability, as well as high speed filling equipment and continuous enhancements to every filling line, resulting in improved throughput and productivity. And to ensure our personnel are the best in the business, we maintain our dedication to continuous employee training.

"We responded within a 45-day timeframe to a request to manufacture over 400,000 cases per month of various personal care SKUs."

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Service 01


Our blending facility consists of multiple blending and storage tanks in a variety of sizes.

Service 02


We have the capability to fill from 1 oz. to 1 gallon with a wide variety of filling equipment.

Service 03


CPC can provide multiple shrink-wrap and/or shrink-band lines to service your application.

Service 04


When it comes to shipping and receiving, CPC has every need covered.