CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION works with you as a team to create the ideal solution for each packaging situation, as we seamlessly integrate our services into your supply chain. Our goal is to meet the needs of every customer by providing innovative packaging solutions that will enable you to meet the needs of your customers.
Our clients also value our flexibility when it comes to manufacturing and packaging. From container sizes as small as 1 ounces to well over a gallon, and everything in between, we can quickly scale our capabilities to handle any and all of your requirements.

Attention to Detail Every Step of the Way
CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION considers ever detail. We work with our customers to examine and refine their products and our processes by focusing continuously on identifying and implementing myriad improvements in quality, efficiency, and inventory control. As these improvements coalesce, our customers reap the rewards -with greater throughput,
competitive pricing, excellent inventory control and a streamlined supply chain.

Our Process

CPC CHEMFORE PRODUCTS CORPORATION believes that the best way to approach each project is to clearly define the project, design the approach, address the long-term implications, and finally, to develop the solution in a fashion that will allow for effective maintenance and upgrades.

Our process comprises three stages:

Planning Stage: The planning process is the most critical to any project. It begins with defining the project scope and objectives, designing the packaging process, and continues forward through supply chain analysis, special IT-related interfaces, consultation and feedback.
Pre-production Stage: Quality control design, raw material sourcing, product formulation review, evaluate the packaging process with an eye toward enhancements.
Production Stage: This is where everything comes together: Blending, filling and packaging, quality control, distribution, interfacing with your distribution network, and finally, warehousing of raw materials and finished goods as your supply chain requires.
We invite you to learn how we can partner with you to design a solution that fits your unique situation and meets your objectives.

We also possess an ATF license for filling of alcohol-based products.
Service 01


Our blending facility consists of multiple blending and storage tanks in a variety of sizes.

Service 02


We have the capability to fill from 1 oz. to 1 gallon with a wide variety of filling equipment.

Service 03


CPC can provide multiple shrink-wrap and/or shrink-band lines to service your application.

Service 04


When it comes to shipping and receiving, CPC has every need covered.